Village Veg Plot

Village Veg, Our Community Allotment   

Veggie planting team on 6 May 2017

Our fantastic community Village Veg Plots outside the Change, Grow, Live project at One Beulah Road, kindly sponsored by Fullers Builders, are designed to demonstrate how to grow veg, fruit and herbs on a small site and to look good in the street-scene. Residents and passers-by can help themselves when the produce is ready.

In 2018 the project is being led by Darryl Abelscroft ably assisted by original organiser Caroline Barton and Nicola Hughes.

The project aims to educate and give people confidence to grow-their-own and everyone can help themselves to fresh produce.  In particular, children and young people enjoy getting involved with the planting, labeling and learning about how vegetables and fruit grows.

We thank CGL (Change, Grow, Live), WF’s integrated drug and alcohol service, for letting us use their two raised beds and allowing us to install an outside tap. Their service-users are able to help themselves to the produce when they attend sessions and often help with the maintenance.

The allotment is planted by volunteers each quarter with seasonal vegetables around a framework of perennial herbs, fruit and vegetables. All the plants are name-labelled and then flagged when ready to harvest.

The total worth of getting the project started in 2015 was around £3,000 and is now annually funded by Fullers Builders and BEE17.

A rota of seven Weekly Waterers have committed to tending and watering one day a week.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.