Public realm issues

In Sep 2015 WVRA started to compile a list of issues which it would like the council to resolve. Currently many of these are ‘snagging’ items arising from works associated with the Mini Holland programme. If you have additional items please advise us here.

New items

1. Vestry Rd needs a 20mph roundel painted on the road outside the museum due to speeding vehicles.

2.  The new Church Lane humps need to be extended into the parking bays, as cars speed round them when the bays are empty.

3. Remove white painted arrow on road surface in Orford Rd as this encourages vehicles to speed.

4. A blended crossing of Vestry Road at its junction with East Avenue is required (unless Vestry Rd is filtered) due to rat running traffic not respecting the give way line.

5. Four of the 5 trees planted in East Avenue (outside the mosque) appear to be dead and need to be replaced. We need to find local people to water them.

6. Regarding Orford Rd item 4 (temporary tree planters in Orford Rd at East Ave junction), WVRA suggests 2 Iroko planters  are installed similar to those in Cairo Rd.

7. Several cycle parking stands outside Village pub, Nisa & Mondragone were removed when the new paving was laid, and have not been reinstated.

8. Following the conclusion of Thames Water sewer works in the Village Square, sand was used instead of gravel for the surface material, leading to a soft and rutted surface.

9. Due to the volumes of motor traffic pedestrians are experiencing difficulties in safely crossing Orford Road between West Avenue and First Avenue – this is a key route between Walthamstow Village & Walthamstow Central. Unless Vestry Rd is filtered to substantially reduce motor traffic we suggest a zebra crossing be installed.


Items already reviewed with council as at 14 April 2016

Items in grey italic text are either resolved or no further action required.

A. Village Square 

Many items are missing if compared with the proposed and agreed plan.

Square trees1. Village Square trees : Multi-stem birch trees were proposed at consultation meetings. However five single stem birch and one unknown tree were planted. The request to plant what was proposed was not granted so our award-winning gardening team have accepted that and now plant around existing trees.

We do however want WFC to replace two odd non matching trees with matching trees. One is in the new flowerbeds in the village square (closest to Orford Road) and another is in Orford Road (outside no. 46).

Council response 14/4/16: Happy to replace in the autumn.


lamp post2. The newly installed lamp post in the village Square near to Orford Road: This lamp post was installed directly opposite another lamp post and is not required. The lamp head is positioned directly within the crown of the only mature village square tree and the community plans to install lighting in this tree. The tree is a welcome and major feature of the street and we do not want the tree cut to suit the lamp post as proposed by engineers. We want the lamp post moved to where it is needed at the other end of the square which is in near total darkness. This lamppost did not feature in plans supplied but requests for lighting at the other end of the square where it is needed were ignored. Can this be rectified?

Council response 14/4/16: Lighting is in the correct place in terms of lighting standards. Council will review.

gravel3. Compacted gravel in the village square:

3a. This material has now settled and needs topping up. Council response 14/4/16: Gravel has been topped up.

3b. Additionally the settlement creates a substantial trip-hazard around the granite edge of the drain cover.  After top up, gravel settlement and loss will continue, and this trip hazard will return in time. Given that the gravel surface is porous and water drains through, it could be argued that this drain is not required.  Hence we believe the best and simplest permanent solution would be to lower the drain to below the gravel surface and replace with a solid cover. At the very least we recommend a chamfered concrete collar round the drain to reduce the risk of trips.

Council response 14/4/16: Will review potential for flaunching.

seating4. Village Square Seating: The two WVRA benches will shortly be moved to a suitable location. Agreement was reached with all involved including the traffic engineer nearby residents and architect that five wood benches would be installed within beds along the east wall of the village square. Can this be completed?

Council response 14/4/16: Council will seek new sources of funding for this.



spar tree damage5. Newly planted tree hit by delivery vehicle on Orford Road by the junction of Eden Road. The two posts supporting the tree need to be reseated. It may be worth considering installing a more resilient form of protection. Council response 14/4/16: Resolved


6. The combination of offset lamp post and telegraph pole obstructs pedestrians flow between Eden Road and Orford Road. Ideally the telegraph pole would be removed; alternatively the posts should be placed as close together as possible.

Council response 14/4/16: Council seek a quotation from BT to move the post, and other options but it may prove to be too expensive.

7. Water puddles on the footway adjacent to Village Square outside of no. 47A Eden Rd, which is not running off properly as the falls are all inadequately designed. Slip hazard in icy conditions. Council response 14/4/16: Resolved.

8. 22/3/16. Motor vehicles have been driving onto and manoeuvring around in the square, which risks churning up the surface, and overruns into the planted areas. Access  so far been from Orford Road between the lamp column and large tree, although its possible the gap on the other side of the tree is also wide enough.

Council response 14/4/16: We will investigate this.

B. Addison Road

1. To leave the east side of the village the most direct and shortest way is via the U route which is up Maynard or Grove Road, up Beulah and down Addison to get to Shernhall Street and onward. However now Addison Rd is two way from top to bottom, the alternating layout of parked cars and a flower bed have created a stretch alongside the Comely Bank Clinic where vehicles cannot pass if traveling in both directions. It is the main way out and this layout causes blockages for both private and delivery vehicles and the bus.

Council response 14/4/16: This will be assessed as part of the summer view of the scheme.

C. Footways

1. New parking bays in Wingfield road are now too close to large trees making footways impassable in some locations which forces wheelchair users of people with buggies into the road. Can parking bays causing this problem be removed?

Council response 14/4/16: Kerb has been dropped – further investigation required.

2. Need a review on where dropped kerbs are required – eg we understand there used to be one at the end of Beulah Path at its junction with Grove Road, and that this has been lost as part of recent works. Council response 14/4/16: There are dropped kerbs on adjacent junctions, so no plans to add further dropped kerbs.

D. Modal filters

Eden Sq planter1. Tree in wood planter at the junction of Eden Road and the Village Square: When will this be removed and will a removable bollard be installed instead ?

Council response 14/4/16: It will be removed.





Castle planter2. Trees in wood planters outside the Castle Pub and the Grove Register Office are still in situ, when will these be removed ?

Council response 14/4/16: Boxes will be retained until trees more mature. An additional temporary tree in box will be added outside the Castle to stop motorists bypassing the filter.




grove filter3. Grove Road closure: Narrow motor vehicles are able to drive between the bollards (onto the footway on the opposite side to the registry office) because they are too far apart. Can this be rectified ?

Council response 14/4/16: This will be reviewed.





4. To allay fears over slow emergency vehicle access times, can all modal filters employ lockable bollards? Alternatively can WFC confirm that they have received written confirmation from emergency services that the MH road closures will not negatively impact on emergency vehicle response times.

Council response 14/4/16: TBC.

Orford Rd low level planter5. Surface level planting areas which are flush with and alongside the carriageway are being churned up on a daily basis by vehicles overrunning. Examples are outside 51 Orford Rd (see photo), and the Registry Office in Grove Road.

For the Orford Road one we recommend planting a paper bark multi-stemmed birch, or failing that installing a bollard, in the acute angled section.

Council response 14/4/16: Bollard has been added in Orford Rd. Grove Rd & West Avenue will be reviewed.

E. Signage

1. WVRA want to acknowledge that many of the issues are being quickly addressed as problems are being raised by individual residents. No council action required.

2. Better signage is required around most of the periphery of the Village Mini Holland area making it clear to motorists that there is no through route.

Council response 14/4/16: It will be reviewed.

Orford Rd signage

3. The current Orford Road signage at the East Avenue junction prohibits all vehicles; the signs should instead use the ‘flying motorcycle’ sign which permits cycles, or the text underneath should be amended to “… except for local buses AND cycles”.

Council response 14/4/16: Parking enforcement team believe the current signage is the only combination which is legally enforceable.  There may be potential to change the signage to clarify the situation for cycles.

WVRA response 4/101/16: Signage has been changed to ‘flying motorcycle’ sign. This can be closed.


West Ave4. ‘No through road’ sign is required at the entrance to West Avenue.  Vehicle drivers are repeatedly doing three point turns once they get to the West Avenue bridge road closure.

Council response 14/4/16: A sign will be added.





pole height5. The signage poles near the junction of Orford Rd and West Avenue extend too far are of unequal height and look unsightly, Please reduce in height.

Council response 14/4/16: It will be reduced.

6. Signage in Orford Road to west of Pembroke Road junction has been misread by some road users as applying to Pembroke Road instead of East Avenue & Wingfield Road, hence should be moved to west of Pembroke Road junction.

Council response 14/4/16: This will be reviewed.

7. It is not always clear to road users when 2 way cycle flow is permitted on roads which are one way for motor vehicles e.g. in the timed filtered section of Orford Road, in Second Avenue, and Third Avenue, cyclists may be travelling in the opposite direction. The white arrow on blue one way street signs should be changed to show contraflow cycle flows.

Council response 14/4/16: 2nd & 3rd Avenue will be addressed.

F. Orford Road

cracked pavers1. There are cracked pavers outside the Village Bakery and also at the entrance way to Orford Road outside the Queens Arms pub : Pedestrian pavers were damaged by Riney’s asphalt roller vehicle during resurfacing and those outside the Queens Arms pub were caused by vehicular overrun. Please replace. Council response 14/4/16: These have been fixed.




TWA paving2. Black paving marked “TWA” just beyond the Spar supermarket: when will this patch be replaced with grey paving? Resolved on 4/3/16.







Asian Centre paving3. Orford Road paving extension: It was understood that when the paving extension was agreed by WFC it would be to footways between the Village Square and Beulah Road. The section on the north side of Orford Rd from the WF community hub towards the Beulah Rd junction appears to have been overlooked. Can this be completed in the same grey paving slabs as used elsewhere as far as the cobbled crossover adjacent to the old town hall, along with a short section to the other side of the town hall. We wish to retain the current cobbled crossover and the current paving at the front of the old town hall.

Council response 14/4/16: There is currently no money to do this, but we will seek further funds for this.

tree planters4. Trees in wood planters between The Queens Arms and the Village Bakery:  The original plans showed – ‘gateway trees” in the ground. Is that the plan ? If not, when will the wood planters be removed and what is now proposed for this entrance.

Council response 14/4/16: Trees cannot be planted due to utility services under the ground. WVRA will review what they would like instead.



5. For the closed part of Orford Road the speed limit for permitted vehicles should be reduced from 20 mph to 10mph or even 5 mph. Council response 14/4/16: Department for Transport have rejected the application for 10mph.

queens arms puddles6. Blacktopped carriageway opposite the Queens Arms pub is not draining away. Slip hazard in icy conditions. Council response 14/4/16: Highways team believe this is within the tolerances considered acceptable, but will keep this under review.

G. Addison Road

1. Junction with Beulah Road and Addison Road is now now two-way, and traffic including buses and lorries sometimes meet at the corner and have difficulty passing. We suggest a review of the priority/give way system and whether sightlines adequate.

Council response 14/4/16: This will be reviewed.

2. Signs similar to those on the junction of Church Lane and Shernhall Street need to be affixed either side of Addison Road on the junction with Shernhall Street announcing that the area is unsuitable for large vehicles.

Council response 14/4/16: This is a legitimate service route into the village, but will be reviewed at a later if still considered an issue.

3. A proper pedestrian crossing needs to be installed on the raised crossing outside Henry Maynard School entrance in Addison Road by the Shernhall Street junction before a child is injured or worse.

Council response 14/4/16: Improvements are planned along the length of Shernhall Street – outside the school a formal zebra crossing will be added, and a raised informal crossing at the Beulah Path exit.

H. Customer parking

1. We suggest a review of visitor parking for Orford Road businesses to establish if there is a significant shortfall. which they are seeking solutions for this. Options might include Orford House and/or the Chalmers House HA both of whom have large areas of poorly planned parking spaces that could be better utilised and provide an income for them. Council response 14/4/16: Orford House & Chalmers House options have been explored but have not been fruitful.

2. There would also appear to be plenty of spare kerbside capacity in areas to the west and east of the filtered section of Orford Road.

Council response 14/4/16: We are working with local businesses and this will be reviewed.


Action no longer requested from WFC

1. Village Square: A brick wall or other surround (kerbstones might work well) creating a large bed around the tree base. Update Dec 2015: WVRA has decided to fund and undertake this work.

2. Village Square: Removal of existing lit road sign, but retention of the power source at floor level. Update: Dec 2015: Completed