Jassie Mo didn’t go (far)…

Exclusive! If you remember Penny Fielding’s Beautiful Interiors shop at 34 Orford Road (now part of the Orford Saloon tapas bar and deli), you will surely remember Penny’s equally beautiful resident shop cat, Jassie Mo (aka J-Mo or Mish).

By Teresa Deacon

Jassie Mo, a long-haired Persian tortie, could be found in any number of places in the shop – curled up on one of the vintage chairs for sale, draped across the tissue paper on the counter (for maximum attention), happily snoozing in a sunny window display or sitting out on the pavement, watching the newly arriving Village hipsters. Occasionally she could be seen dining just up the road, complete with her own Eat 17 saucer.

She became something of a local celebrity with children and adults alike, who would come in to see the laid-back, gentle Jassie Mo with the permanently cross face. She even got a mention in Time Out magazine. Sales were boosted no end!

Sadly, Penny shut up shop in July 2014 and decided to move away from the area, but couldn’t take Jassie Mo. Happily, this Jassie fan was able to offer her a new home in the Village, where she is enjoying her retirement at the grand age of 17 with a staff of two seeing to her every need.

Now just plain Jassie, and a little hard of hearing, she may have lost some of her celebrity status but life out of the spotlight doesn’t seem to worry her too much. She loves basking in the sun in the garden and still favours sleeping on a chair or on a table top as she did in Penny’s shop, no doubt dreaming of her glamorous, glory days in her Orford Road institution.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2017 edition of “The Village” magazine.

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