2017 – 2018

(Elected on 6 November 2017)

  • Megan Whitear (Chair)
  • David Baker (Secretary)
  • Paul Gasson (Treasurer, Website)
  • Helen Lerner (Chair of Environment & WV in Bloom Sub-Committees)
  • Alan Thomas (General Officer)
  • Ana Caton (General Officer)
  • Barry White (General Officer)
  • Daniel Barry (Newsletter Editor)
  • Joga Kabra (General Officer)
  • John Larking (General Officer)
  • Lucy Freeman (General Officer)
  • Molly Moloney (Social Media & Newsletter Designer)
  • Shameem Mir (Membership, Events)
  • Sue Carter (Community Safety & Planning)
  • Catherine Larmouth (Planning)
  • Caroline Barton, Jakob Hartmann, John Chambers, Teresa Deacon, Nick Springett, Darryl Abelscroft, Clive Meredeen (Environment & Bloom Sub-Committee Officers)

2 Responses to Committee

  1. Nicola Giles says:

    Hi there,

    Amberley Publishing has recently brought out a new book for your area, ‘Walthamstow Through Time’, a now-and-then photo history with captions by Lindsay Collier. Are you able to review books on your site, or are you interested in chatting to local authors? Let me know if so, and I can provide a sample copy, copies of internal images or contact details as needed.

    Thanks for your time,

    Nicki Giles

    • admin says:

      Our newsletter editor Lucy should be getting in touch with you. We may be able to do a piece for the website and our next magazine.

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