Adding your event

You may advertise your events at no charge on this website as long as the event venue is within the area shown on this map (we may occasionally accept events which are outside). We usually only publicise events which are free, or organised by not-for-profit organisations.

Please email event details to

The minimum information we require is

  • event name
  • date
  • start & end time
  • entry price (or free)
  • your name
  • your contact details (so people can get in touch about the event)

We recommend you add a short description about your event, if you provide a poster or photo (in jpeg or pdf format) we will do our best to incorporate it.

2 Responses to Adding your event

  1. Joanne Edwards says:

    Hi, I have lived in Walthamstow for 21 years and I am holding a night of poetry on the 1st of May which I would like to publicise here. I realise I dont live in Walthamstow village however thought I would ask as it is for me a medium to create awareness of poetry!. It is a paid event and this is the ticket link.

    Many thanks

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