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12 Responses to Home

  1. shaun says:

    Every aspect of the controlled parking scheme around Waltham Forest has a negative impact on the day to day life of E17 residents & visitors to the borough . If it is to continue the whole format needs to be changed .

  2. Janet says:

    I live in the ME parking zone and as I no longer have a car registered at property would love to have the current hours restricted to 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday as it costs me a fortune over £100 per year just so that my family can visit me. As a pensioner I feel this is extortionate . The other thing I wish I could do is have one member of my family’s cars to be allowed an annual permit as I do not have one of my own, this would also save me a fortune.

  3. Alison says:

    I’m in the SB zone, introduced in Aug this year. I campaigned against it. My street consistently voted with a majority against it’s introduction; before the scheme, it was a very empty road during the restricted parking times, many residents use their cars to commute and we aren’t near enough to a tube to attract outside commuters to park. In spite of our democratic opposition and resounding majority against vote, twice, the council introduced it anyway, telling a fellow campaigner that they didn’t need to consult us, they could just impose it if they wished, which they did. So, nothing parking wise has changed for us, but we now have to pay for ourselves, friends and family to visit. It may have been favoured and even neccesary by residents in some streets but sadly in ours, I don’t think it was and the inflexibility of the scheme as Shaun & Janet seem to suggest, has a very negative impact on our lives.

  4. Angela says:

    I am in the SB zone and it’s not just friends and family that we have to pay for. I am having work done on my house and am having to spend a considerable amount on providing visitor parking permits for the electrician, plasterer, carpenter and for anyone who visits to give us a quotation. It is also inconvenient to wait in while the Council hand delivers the permits.

  5. Janet says:

    Please, please give ME zone the same hours and days as SB zone has currently at least that will save us money on visitor permits and permits when tradesmen need to park especially now that we have to apply for these by post when needed. These permits are very costly especially when family want to visit for the day on a regular basis and if we had free parking on Saturdays as currently enjoyed by SB zone which is just around the corner from my property this would benefit everybody.

  6. adrian robson says:

    Well I seem to be in the minority here, but I would happily see the ME zone hours expanded, not contracted. Living on East Avenue, parking is an total nightmare after 18.30. The presence of a number of religious worship establishments with frequent evening meetings means I often end up parking 2-3 streets away as I can not get anywhere near my house. Have there been any suggestions about splitting the times ie 8-11 then 2-8.
    It really is the evening parking that is my personal issue, weekends I am not that bothered about so a relaxation of Saturday hours seems sensible to me to help support the business’s on Orford Road and elsewhere.
    But just a historic reminder, one of the reasons these zones were brought in was to stop ‘tourism’, when people would drive in from further areas and park as near the tube/train as they could get, taking up parking all day preventing those of us living here from using those spaces. This can still be seen today with people parking on the edges of the zones and then walking to the transportation system. I personally would never want to go back to that system.

  7. Sarah says:

    We live in the SB zone and, although we initially voted against the zone for our street (twice), I have to say that now that the zone has come in it has made parking so much easier for us; the majority of the time we are able to park directly outside our house. I have sympathy for those in the ME zone and can understand why some may want the hours changed in line with the SB zone. What we absolutely would not want to see is the SB zone hours increased to those of the ME zone; we have no problems at weekends or in the evenings and have no need for restricted parking at 8 in the morning.

  8. gloria alexander says:

    I visit Orford Road frequently as I have friends who live in Walthamstow and I like the Village pub events. I also use the organic food shops in Wood street and hoe street. I am registered disabled and find it almost impossible to shop in these areas as I can’t find anywhere to park. I prefer to shop in Walthamstow for my particular needs but where can disabled people park. It seems disabled visitors have been negated out of the Walthamstow shopping experience.

  9. Amy says:

    I have been living in the ME zone for about 9 months now, and I feel quite negatively towards the parking permit situation. Not only do I have to pay to park outside my own property, but I also have to pay to have other people come and visit me too. When I moved into the property I had a car which I bought a years parking permit for, my car then had to be scrapped and with 7 months still left on my original parking permit, I thought I would just be able to transfer it to my new car. I was told to transfer it would cost me another £20, so I decided that it would make more sense to spend £25 for another years permit. I have not yet received the log book for my new car, to be able to prove that it is registered for my address and be able to get a permanent parking permit, and to get a temporary one will cost me another £20 for one month, and the process to do it is long winded and has been made much more difficult to get sorted since they closed the parking shop in Walthamstow. I currently have to keep my car at a family members house, which is 45mins away on the train, until I can get all the documents sorted to be able to get the permanent parking permit.

    If we must have parking permits why can’t the process be less long winded and expensive?! Each house should get at least one free parking permit, which is house specific, not car specific, that way you could prove that you live in that area, therefore allowed to park there, yet the parking permit could be used in any car. This would mean that if you didn’t have a car but had friends and family to visit your ‘house’ parking permit could be used, or if you got a new car or had to hire a car the ‘house’ parking permit could be used without causing all these problems and taking more and more money from residents yet still keeping a some sort of parking permit system, which is meant to be in place to help residents with parking, not ‘help’ them spend money to park outside their own property.

  10. Steve says:

    …to wade into the parking… I live in ME, right on Orford Road – and the key thing we need is those parking spaces to be turned into bays. The worst bit about the controlled parking are the idiots who take up random room so the space isn’t used efficiently.

  11. Rocio Cano says:

    I just bought a car and bought a resident monthly permit. Turns out my ME permit stops halfway down my street. Is it normal that a street should be covered by 2 different parking zones? Have appealed but suspect I won’t have any luck – I wish this had been highlighted or even stated by email by the person who sold me the monthly permit! It never occurred to me that my own road would be divided. Anyone have any success appealing this kind of ticket?

    • Teresa Deacon says:

      Rocio – frustrating as it is, I’m sorry to say that your situation is the same for everyone in your road with a car so the council is unlikely to treat you any differently and I doubt that those issuing the permits would think it necessary to tell you that the road is divided. I wonder if you read the article in this newsletter at the end of last year about rationalising the two zones? Here is the link: http://www.walthamstowvillage.net/proposed-rationalisation-of-me-sb-cpzs/ Following the article, feedback from local residents and businesses threw up too many differing views (as comments above indicate) so it was decided not to take further action for the time being. Best wishes.

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